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Formerly known as CJ Printing and Creative Junction, Chris & Connie Jacobs merged the two and became CJ Media.

We began back in the days before everyone had a desktop computer - way back in 1981. Our first computer was a Tandy TRS-80 with the large 8" disk drives and a daisy wheel printer. We had a photo headliner and the old rub on type. We used exacto knives, wax rollers and paste up boards & cut rubys for color fills. Our press was a 1961 Multi-1250 that we purchased from the original owner (a little old man ready to retire). Our first plate burner was homemade from an old window, some foam rubber & a 150 watt light bulb. If I remember right a paper plate took 8 minutes per burn.

Then came our IBM personal computer, and then the state of the art MAC - complete with its 5" black and white screen. We even got a laser printer. Our typesetting and design capabilities had just gone through the roof. No more "spec"ing out type for the real typesetters, we had fonts (I think we had 8) and we could make them almost any size and print them out at 300 dpi! WOW! Adobe Illustrator was known as Illustrator88 and everything was in black and white. If you needed 4 color separations you had to go to a pre-press house, and all of that was done with a camera, film, darkroom & stripping tables.

We have continued to change with the industry and been constantly amazed at what technology has brought us. In 1986 we purchased an Agfa 1500 imagesetter. We were tired of trying to find a Service Bureau who really understood what printers needed. So, we bought our own, learned how to use it, and now offer a wide range of prepress services to other printers. We bring the unique ability of understanding printing and the persistence to make it work. We have been referred to as "Miracle Workers" by more than one of our customers. We pride ourselves on being able to find some way to make whatever the customer supplies work. That has caused many a headache, and probably more than a few gray hairs, but also the satisfaction of a job well done. We have been in business for almost 36 years and almost all of our business has come from word of mouth referrals - which is great, because I hate making sales calls.

We have always had printing as our base - offering from 1 color to 4 color process printing. We combine that with complete graphic design and output capabilities. We also offer web services from web design to web hosting. If you need it, just ask, we probably do it!

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